Extraordinary Value and a Recurring Income

Let’s imagine you’re the General Manager of a professional football team.  This young man looks like he has just the right temperament to sack the opposing teams’ quarterbacks — and that’s just what you’re looking for.  You need a player with his skills and your investment in signing him to a contract will cost your team millions of dollars.

His play speaks for itself.  He had 3 or 4 successful years of playing football in college.  However, what you also need to know is what his behaviors are likely to be when he isn’t on the playing field.  It could happen that you don’t assess his athletic ability correctly.  We all make mistakes.  But it’s quite another thing to make a mistake and miss the boat on his what he represents as a person.  The list of negative activities by athletes, who cost their teams dearly in terms of not only money, but also in negative publicity, is a long list indeed — and it starts with illegal drug use.  That can cost millions of dollars to the team that employs him.

Of course there’s no foolproof system and mistakes will always happen. But all businesses and organizations need to have the same drug testing tools that are available to pro sports organizations. In fact, those tools may even be more important. Athletes in the public eye are intensely scrutinized by the public; in many ways, their lives are open books. But when a business, group, institution, or organization considers a potential employee, associate, or partner, they face a complete mystery. There’s no media coverage to reveal all the details of this person’s background and history-only their résumé and their word.

One crucial aspect of that mystery can be solved quickly, before any offers are tendered or promises made. The drug testing protocols and procedures offered by our Drug Test Consultants are state-of-the-art and provide reassurances in hiring and workplace practices. And here’s what seals the deal: you can set up the protocols and drug testing procedures for your clients, both big and small, at a cost is so low they can’t afford not to use your services!

There is no NFL team, NBA team, NHL team or Major League Baseball team that doesn’t perform drug testing prior to and on a continuing basis when making an investment in personnel.  With our cost as reasonable as it is to have us perform drug testing, shouldn’t all businesses, groups and organizations protect themselves with this type of technology?  It’s quick, it’s easy and it could save many times beyond the amount of cost to find out about the negatives later.  That constitutes REAL VALUE.