Training & Support for a Recurring Income


Our “Quick Start Training” is designed to get you off the starting blocks and earning  money just as the name implies — quickly.  Your corporate mentors in this business aren’t just teachers.  They’ve walked the walk by building successful drug testing businesses themselves within our business model.  You never leave home as all training is accomplished by way of teleconferencing and webinars.  You will be given a proven path for success and RECURRING INCOME.


  • A dedicated, full-time training department – our training and support professionals are people who have been where you are: they have launched and run their own drug testing businesses, so you can learn from their experience and avoid the bumps in the road they successfully navigated!
  • Detailed and comprehensive training materials – we provide videos, documents and PDF files, forms, marketing and phone scripts and templates, sample ads, and links to valuable websites on building and operating a business.
  • Live training sessions – we conduct multiple live teleconferenced training sessions each month, covering all the subjects required to run your business. These are updated regularly and you are welcome to revisit any training session to refresh yourself and build your skills – free of charge.
  • Fast-response phone and email help lines – we answer questions and provide you with mentoring and advice, on-demand and on the money.
  • Regular communications and updates – we write, publish and email you a monthly DTC Newsletter with industry news, product updates, marketing tips, real-life stories from the field and links to even more resources on the Internet. Plus, we invite requests for articles of value in future editions.