The Drug Test Consultant Creating Recurring Income Success Stories Since 2004

In today’s business environment, what do employers, businesses, groups and organizations of all types need to know? Amongst a number of things, they certainly need to know if the person they are bringing onboard has any history of drug usage. The cost of drug abuse in our economy runs into the billions of dollars and we all pay the price. As an Associate of The Drug Test Consultant you will provide goods and services at the most competitive pricing and with the best service in the industry. It’s profitable and best of all, once a client comes onboard they repeat the process over and over which means RECURRING INCOME for you.


Offering RECURRING INCOME (2 of the best words in the English language)

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Total entry cost $19,995 — No royalties or monthly fees

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A unique business model — Home based and with a mobile component
(No special vehicle necessary)

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