Business Model for a Recurring Income

Low CostA low entry cost without the recurring royalties or fees that are charged by most businesses, allows you to recover your investment quickly and move into profitability.

There is no shortage of businesses and individuals that need to be drug tested throughout the U.S.  The need continues to grow and you can be right on the forefront of an emerging industry that will have long term staying power.

You can work from home or have a physical collection site.  Either way you will have the opportunity to build a successful business with ongoing business.

You will also be able to expand your business by participating in our “Seriously Mobile” drug testing business component.  There is no special vehicle required and this level of service really works for many of your clients because:


  • It reduces production downtime and wage loss.
  • It limits opportunities for test cheating.
  • It reduces the liability a company may incur when they require an employee to travel to a testing site.
  • It allows convenient scheduling of workforce testing during work hours.
  • It lets companies easily schedule random testing to meet compliance needs.

It doesn’t appear that the use of illegal drugs in the workplace is going to decrease.  Whereas, that may be a sad thing fact for society, it presents enormous profit opportunities for DTC Associates.  We have the products for every type of type of testing imaginable and strategic alliances with laboratories throughout the country.  As a result your ongoing client referrals will bring you RECURRING INCOME for every drug test performed.

  • You Will Participate In And Receive:
  • An Initial Inventory of Various Drug Testing Products And Services For Your Launch
  • An Initial Supply of DTC Print Marketing Materials
  • Customized Marketing Materials
  • Full-Time Training/Support Team, with FastResponse email and phone info hotline
  • Live Training Sessions
  • Training Manuals
  • Participation In The DTC Media Power Program
  • A Website Customized with Your Contact Info
  • An Online “Web Store” With Credit Card Processing
  • Membership In The DTC “Drug Collection Referral Network”